Sk:n Clinics


Sk:n had a large email database which they were not making best use of, and were unclear on their options with regards to continuing to contact this database after GDPR.

They tasked us with delivering a data audit and devising a course of action to make best use of their database and engage as many of their customers as possible, especially from the lapsed segments, through eCRM.


We audited, organised and segmented their database, identifying the most pressing and efficient customer groups they needed to target.

We then put into place a full-scale eCRM campaign to the lapsed and unengaged customer segments, including a full style redesign, to reengage customers by providing desirable, relevant content which made them more likely to opt-in to communications post-GDPR. 


By targeting the email content specifically to the relevant category of product or treatment for each customer, we were able to refine and streamline communications according to their best interests.

Thus with more targeted and engaging email content, we achieved open rates of up to 12% across the campaign from a previously unengaged audience group, and prompted a significant number of click-throughs to opt-in to marketing emails after GDPR.

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