Evidential Marketing

We base our marketing stratgies on facts, not guesswork.

Understanding who your customers are lets you talk their language, so they're more engaged and stay loyal for longer. Meaning you generate greater revenue from ever decreasing budgets.

We have a small team packed full of expert planning, analysis and strategy mixed with award winning creatives, meaning we're nimble and work to fast turnarounds. But ultimately, our Evidential Marketing process delivers better results than our competitors through more accurate thinking.


your data

Do you know the original source of each customer? What demographic data do you have? Do you hold transactional data? Do you capture customer preference data? What did customers first contact you about?


your data

Profiling your database using external data can provide a
detailed picture of your best customers.
Online research surveys can be used to test what will make your brand more attractive.
Appending extra data to your customer records can make it very powerful.


your data

Can you segment by life-stage?
How do they engage with you.. on social networks, online, in store... or by telephone? What was the last point of contact? How frequently do they react to your communications?


your data

A database profile can identify 'best-fit' look-a-like
new prospects from external acquisition data lists.
Mapping tools can identify 'best-fit' new prospect
Online lead generation can provide a regular
stream of new prospects.


your data creatively

Select customer segments by preferred channel... email... direct mail... SMS... along with Facebook, Instagram, search and display. Plan a customer journey that is evidenced by real facts, not marketing guesswork. Use customer data to feature relevant content, and dynamic offers to reward individuals. Create CRM campaigns that reward your best customers with exclusive offers & deals. Maximise response by communicating with creative flair to increase brand appeal.



Unique response codes and digital links are a must to track
Be creative... employ personalised URLs to link and track customers
from moving offline to online engagement.
Use 'Augmented Reality' to track physical direct mail through to
watching video content on mobile devices.
Emails can use on-screen vouchers to track in-store visits or
attendance at events


your customers

Track customers who have engaged with your CRM, or via Social and target them with tailored messaging via Facebook, search and display. Is your data held in a single customer view database? If not... then we can help organise your data ready for 'Evidential Marketing'

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