The Digital Marketing Trends of the Past Week



1. Super luxury remains super content - 


Casey Neistat’s video log showing him on a luxury plane journey cranked up to 24 million views since it was released last week (as of 24th of October). Neistat filmed himself on the extravagant Emirates first class service which he had been upgraded from his original business class ticket. A single ticket is apparently around $20,000+! Served on a golden platter of hilarity and 20 minute excess, the Youtube video has greatly advertised Emirates high quality service, with Casey complimenting them on every step of the experience. It’s almost as if he was paid…


2. Millennials are the most expensive group to target politics to -


It goes without saying this one; a generation that has been influencing trends on newer platforms means that more thought and money needs to be invested before they appear on-side. Content marketing has been the most successful method so far, with viral videos by the likes of NowThis being promoted through social media networks. The cost may be high, but so is the reach; and that’s about the most important thing right now. And while their parents are generally less likely to change opinions based on the narrow-minded nature of television channels like FOX – Millennials are exposed to a range of different messages. Investing in them might just be worthwhile.


3. Election-themed advertising finally happens! -


It seems that the air of risk has been removed from brands using the presidential elections as the core theme of their content. When we talk relevance and context in marketing, nothing seems more fitting! Especially since Trump vs. Clinton has produced the most highly viewed spectacle in television history – a recently aired debate that counted over 80 million views. The game-changers in question are headache tablet brand, Excedrin who created a series of promoted Twitter advertisements with the hashtag #DebateHeadache, used during the recent presidential debate. The result? - a cool 46,000 Twitter mentions. Not bad!


4. Facebook drops while Pinterest surges -


Advertisers are taking a massive interest in image sharing platform Pinterest, investing 3 - 5 times more than in previous years. The platform seems to be having a renaissance as of late, with users attracted to its user-friendly interface and content creation. It is like Instagram – except the images can be saved for later. On the other side of the social pond, Facebook is struggling to keep up with advertising spend having dropped 22 percent because of the elimination of its ad exchange service FBX. Mighty they fall?


5. Throw a Ken a Bone -


In keeping with our political theme this week, we end on the rise, fall and rise (?) again of the lovable Ken Bone, a gentleman who made it into the social media spotlight via his cuddly appearance on the televised presidential debates. Seen as a positive outcome of the whole campaign race, Bone was chewed up by the Reddit community when his comment history was traced and in many ways misconstrued by the media. That hasn’t stopped Bone from remaining an icon of the debates however, having recently been involved with an advertising campaign by Izod, the brand that produce his now-famous red sweatshirt. He also became a spokesman for UberSelect very recently – continuing the trend of meme cash-ins. It was the 15 minutes he never asked for, but went with anyway.

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