The Advertising Tricks That Make Us Feel The Love On Valentine's Day

It’s that time of year again, when we start feeling the love. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a Valentine’s Day hater, you’ll see an advert somewhere online, as you’re walking around the supermarket doing your weekly shop or you’ll watch a classic soppy (or pretty funny) television ad. You can’t escape it; multiple brands get creative for the occasion and this year is no exception. Whether it is for a loved partner, friend, housemate or of course, pet, there’s someone out there for all of us and don’t the advertisers and marketers of the world know it. 


So what makes us all go so gooey and gaga that we look to be spending around one billion pounds on our nearest and dearest? Although plenty of us have the need to please, this annual spending habit seems somewhat over-the-top for just one day of the year; “In the UK we spend an average of 1.3 billion on Valentines gifts each year.” I’m with the bunch ‘surely you should show someone how much you love them everyday, not just once a year.’ All the same, I think we can all confess it’s quite nice to receive a bunch of flowers and a bottle of bubbles. 


From fast food to fast love, brands have the chance to go big on the February 14th. It’s time to see which adverts kept cupid busy this year, as well as reflect on their heart-throbbing (or heart-breaking) moments. 



I’m incredibly happy to see companies embracing diversity this year in the name of love. It’s 2017 now – love is love. Lush have absolutely triumphed their campaign this year, featuring beautiful photographs of gay couples in their ad. The company known for its famous and brightly coloured bath bombs has had great success with this campaign. Not only are all the papers talking about them, everyone is going wild on Twitter and sharing the love on social too. 


A Lush spokesman told the Metro: “At Lush we believe that love transcends gender. We set out to do one thing when creating our Valentine’s Day visuals, we wanted to capture love between two people and we believe that’s what we have done here.”




Hats off to the team at Lush for making such a heart-melting ad. Credit where credits due – I hope so many of us will go and grab our Valentine’s Day goodies from their sweet-scented shops.


Boots may have played it safe this year, but this advert still makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The video is a wonderful reminder to look out for one another. 


What’s the best bit about this advert? There is a focus on gifts being bought for men, rather than women. Every year statistics reveal how guys buy more and spend more on their other half, 


“Men in the UK are said to spend 35 pounds on average on their partner's gift during Valentine's Day, with 1 in 10 spending up to 75 pounds or more. Women on the other hand are expected to spend 20 pounds on average, with 1 in 3 women spending less than 10 pounds on their loved one's gift.”


With the topic of equality popping into my head at this moment – surely women and men should be treating each other in the same way on Valentine’s Day, right? Boots has brilliantly demonstrated this in a simple yet refreshing way. 


The part of this ad that gets me is the long-distance relationship at the end. A certain aroma reminds us all of memories and of people. Boots has pushed on this emotive button – a great piece of advertising to remind us to stay connected to reality. 



Every year many coffee shops do something a little bit adorable to make customers feel cherished in February. After the success of Christmas speciality drinks, it’s a must-do for brands to keep up with making us feel treasured on these occasions. Once you start an almighty coffee shop trend, there’s no going back.  


Starbucks is well renowned for its limited edition drinks around this lovey dovey time of year, and 2017 is no exception. A molten hot chocolate and Frappuccino range is up for grabs between the 10th-14th of February, as well as buy-one-get-one-free on the 14th February 2017. 



With their own brand of coffee cups, mugs and tumblers, Starbucks have of course released a selection of Valentine’s Day orientated drinks ware. Pinks, reds, hearts – the typical colours and patterns surrounding the traditions of love. You can even buy your loved one a romantic Starbucks eGift card, for loveable coffee on the go. 


Another year of great marketing tactics from Starbucks is here to reel in the crowds as usual. Promotion savvy for those in love and coffee lovers around the world. 



Of course, we can’t forget about the jewellery brands at this time of year when Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular for popping the question, “10% of all marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day.” 


Actions speak louder than words and Pandora show this sublimely in their television ad. A little music to liven the mood and set the scene for the audience, this carries the detail of showcasing all the jewellers pieces, as a shop assistant displays various items to a gentleman buyer. This is simple brand promotion at its best. 




Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay, and these cracking adverts mean we can’t possibly forget it. Remember to watch out for all the love on social media this February, from twitterpated tweeters to infatuated instagrammers, I can see the Snapchat filters going head over heels for Valentine’s Day this year. And if you’re not the romantic type, just remember - this time next week it’ll all be over…and the supermarkets will be filled with half-price chocolate.

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