Retargeting Dynamic Audiences on Facebook

Our approach identifies critical points along the consumer purchase funnel and lifecycle and creates customer segments which can be targeted across email and social media to drive the customer to repeat purchase and create longer lifetime customer value. Using advanced Facebook marketing techniques, CRM data can be used to deliver personalised emails and Facebook ads. This data can also be used to create larger lookalike audiences using customer email data as a trigger to deliver content that drives purchase.


Recently signed up customer with following dataset:

  • Channel: Offline / Online / Click and Collect

  • By Age / location

  • Gender

  • AOV

  • Rewards Redeemed

  • Purchase Frequency

  • SKU’s / Category of purchase

  • Store Visited

  • Clicked on email


The above data sets are used to automatically generate Facebook audience’s groups, which are updated daily.


Each dataset will view customised creative which can be tracked from source email to purchase.


The creative would have the following objectives: 

  • ReEngage lapsed Customers - Deliver a prompt to use re-engage if they have not shopped in store or online for a certain period by Email / Facebook ad

  • Set rules around the re engagement content using the previous historical time and frequency of purchase

  • Encourage Advocacy - Target frequent users with emails to incentivise sharing to new members in return for an incentive for confirmed sign up from friends

  • Find Lookalikes - Find lookalike customers on social media using emails of high value customers

  • Encourage Cross Channel Shopping - Encourage in store customers to try online shopping

  • Personalised Creative - Personalise email and facebook ads using CRM segmentation rules to show higher in store spend

  • Offline Sales Tracking - Using offline sales tracking in Facebook split tests can be run to demonstrate the higher AOV using targeted segmented data


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