Never shoot in the dark

Today, there’s no shortage of customer data. But how do you use it to improve performance? What are the priorities? Which information really makes a difference? How should it influence your decisions?

Evidential Marketing - the application of the best real customer data overlaid with insight - answers those questions.

With Evidential Marketing you can make sense of a mass of information and shed new light on your customers. And by overlaying it with insight, it tells how to find new customers, build existing relationships and encourage recommendations.

Pioneers of Evidential Marketing

For over 20 years Evidential Marketing has underpinned our method. Used correctly, it makes our work – and your strategy – more precise than ever before, by mixing raw data analysis with human interpretation, insight and creativity.

It will help you determine which propositions work best, which media performs most effectively and what your contact strategy should be.

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A modern application of traditional principles

We believe solid data should drive decisions. We use the latest technologies in database management to join the dots and maximise customer engagement.

Whether that’s driving customers online from offline media, or retargeting eCRM prospects on social media, our experience will guide your customers exactly to where they want to go, at the right time for them. 


Evidential Marketing builds a multi-faceted profile of individual customers based not just on their demographics, but on their behavioural traits and transactional relationship with your brand.

By identifying profiles of your best customers and building clever segmentation models, we turn your data from complex and confusing to clear and relevant. 


Before we take any decision on strategy or tactics, we use Evidential Marketing to build up a solid body of evidence from which we create a proposition based on precision and an understanding of consumer wants and needs.

We believe that there’s more value in making informed decisions than blindly shooting in the dark.


We have the rare ability to work on complex data analysis and then deliver and execute ideas on how a campaign should look creatively. We’ve been naming and nurturing your prospects since the beginning and we know what kind of creative resonates with them.

So for us, it’s not just about the numbers. Evidential Marketing is about turning data into great creative ideas that deliver results.